Sunday, March 25, 2018

Success in aa or not..

One of the biggest myths I saw over the years in aa was that being successful in aa means that you will have good long term sobriety.

When I say success in aa I mean the folks that become part of all the cliques or the dominant cliques in aa then go to become a sort of celebrity that people seek out. So much for principals before personalities, because usually those people are sought and somewhat given a lot of leeway with their misbehavior as an expense.

Misbehavior as in not really maturing or improve themselves as a person, or even trying to grow up. They usually have a lot of aa'isms memorized and wield them like weapons. Misbehavior of this sort is contained to the rooms and once away from the meeting, you can forget  about these people and the next time you see them you can keep walking to the next meeting.

There is also the misbehavior that leaves the rooms as I have seen these "successful" people usually with one newcomer after another usually explained away as fellowship until it goes around the rooms that they fucked a newcomer then later on 'another newcomer'. Like I have said, their 'success' will usually buy them mulligans since they are 'doing the deal' as they go repeating all the aa 'isms ad infinitum. They are still seen as successful though, not sure why anyone would want to be that kind of success but I guess aa needs it's heroes even at the expense of principals lest the myth of aa dies.

Sobriety in the case of these folks is usually all about 'not picking up a drink', it's never about service or even doing the steps. They never seem to be around when there is work to be done, usually the show up long enough to be seen saying a few aa'isms then they are gone.

I have no idea why aa pretends it's about principals when it's the first and last thing tossed out before and after an admission of 'sick people' or 'egos' or 'not putting God first' or some other aa thing that aa uses instead of saying the truth; that aa does not always work because some people are truly in need of bigger help. It's never said because without the myth, what does aa have left?

In hindsight, I would have stayed and probably been a bit more of believer if there was more honesty about the shortcomings of aa and that some things that don't work need to be revisited. Instead aa and everything aa was treated as infallible, the same thing I hear from biblethumpers and religious zealots.. basically dismissal of reason and sane approaches to real problems. 

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