Sunday, April 8, 2018

It's been over 2 months

It's been over 2 months since I been to a  meeting or had contact with anyone in aa.

I have not had any cravings or obsessing. I also been happier and less stressed about things in general.

In aa I had to make a list of things that are not okay or not going right in my life. After a decade of being in aa, I was still adding to that list. I was told a lot of things that things felt like they were not changing, most felt like empty gestures and rote platitudes and I should have called them out as such. I also recall that questioning any aa saying or observation was quickly met with dismissal or outright ridicule, I should have said it anyway.

The proof that aa does not solve all (or really any) problem is that 2 months and some days after I stopped going, I have stopped really being aware of that list from aa and I don't know where to begin with a new list of things going right and I can't recall the last thing to add to my new list as it's simply too big to manage. If it does not get added as 'better' or 'improved', it gets added to another list named 'changed' because in aa, things stopped changing around year 3-4 and I tried to stick it out for the next few years; I was wrong to do this.

If you have read this far and are on the fence about leaving aa, I would advise you to;

1. make a list of things not okay or right with aa being in your life right now.
2. make a list of the things that are good as a result of aa (if any).
3. keep an eye on it for few days or weeks and see if anything changes.
4. skip a few meetings and analyze your lists from 1 and 2.

One thing that aa tries to do is keep reiterating the stance that aa is aligned with God and anything that happens or does not happen is the result of God and by extension aa. This is wrong, aa tries to define the scope of God in direct opposition to their credo of "let go and Let God...".

Hypocrisy or lack of awareness, neither. It's really propaganda. BUT aa is not aligned with anything, right? aa is aligned with protecting and preserving it' monopoly as the de facto "recovery" concept and having members that keep impressing that if even it's recovery does not work or stops working for a lot of people.

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